Turn it around with Sound! 

With over 20 years experience as a touring singer-songwriter, Felicia Rose has devoted her life to healing through music.  Born with the challenge of overcoming physical and psychological disabilities, she has cultivated tools to “turn it around with sound”! 

Learning to harness and transmute personal pain to create a passionate musical career to inspire, 
ignite and transform her life as well as others.  It is a known fact that the most gifted artists are often the most tortured souls. For a multitude of reasons and circumstances it is the pain that makes way to incredible beauty, the longing to release and be released from an uncomfortable state of being. 

Felicia’s workshops explore a few different ways to turn it around with sound.  She chooses a simple format for release. First identifying the issue with a few key words, then weaving a positive affirmation into a song or chant. The repetition increases the ability to reset the brain, redirect focus towards a more optimal outcome. 


Musical Medicine for the Soul! 

Using ancient techniques simplified to help still the most complicated minds. Felicia has released many albums with songs written purely with the intent to shift her own patterns. Many are attracted to these musical messages, enjoying the peace they experience from these songs. 

Sound plays a large part in healing!  The whales and dolphins fill our oceans with sonar, their songs are tools for survival.  It is the same for humans! We can use our voices like sonar resonating to change the tides of our emotions. 

1-Learn how to redefine physical and emotional 
pain by releasing through music. 
2-Lean to write and sing affirmative songs to cope 
with difficult situations and change patterns! 
3-Learn how to take personal control of your life 
by shifting perspective. 
4-Awaken to the healing power of Sound! 

Licensed Music Minister- Assembly of the Word 

In Collaboration with Dr. Nancy Lubow LPC MT-BC and Cross Modal Creative Arts Therapy, we welcome you to join us in a series of Workshops to "Turn it around with Sound". 

To learn more about Dr. Lubow's work, visit her website at www.NancyLubow.com