Felicia Rose is a traveling muse, captivating audiences with her passionate vocals and angelic mystique. This music ranges from romantic ballads steeped in love for the Divine, to upbeat chants in English and Sanskrit. 
Felicia’s original songs weave together danceable folk rock & soulful world beat with a tiny splash of gospel. 
With her intense vocal range, Felicia has the innate ability to reach into someone’s soul and awaken their inner Longing. 
“A pure enchantress of Song!” 
Inspired to become a musician after profound spiritual experiences with Humpback whales, Felicia began the epic task of re creating the celestial music heard in her dreams. 
With guitar and CD’s in hand, she has travelled the world as a troubadour. 
Felicia’s story has many chapters as the on going performances at alternative music festivals, yoga & wellness centers, interfaith churches, temples, sacred ceremonies, and private homes continue. 
Born with a degenerative physical condition, Felicia has spent her life learning to turn pain into passion! “Turning it around with Sound”, is the name of the workshop that she offers in the world of Psychotherapy and Wellness. 
Felicia also has a way of connecting with Non-Verbal, Special Needs and Autistic beings, through the resonance of her voice and energy.

Approached by Ritchie Blackmore of the band Deep Purple, to be the lead singer in his duo, Jimmy Johnson of the Original Swampers/Muscle Shoals Sound, who offered to produce her music, as well as Higher Octave Music who invited her to become part of their label, Felicia chose to follow her heart and journey to India instead. 
Felicia has been described as “Passionately Mystical".

An advocate for Sound Healing and Higher Consciousness, Felicia remains true to her mission and steadfast on her path of Meditation. (Surut Shabd Yoga) 

Having co produced 5 professional multi tracked albums, 4 official music videos. Felicia is bursting with material and is currently creating her 6th full production album.

Felicia toured extensively with the release of her CD “Raise the Vibration” and did exactly that at venues all over the country. The "Tides are Turning" tour came to an abrupt halt with the onset of the Corona Virus Pandemic. This gave way to countless virtual concerts and the pre production for her new CD!https://youtu.be/NiDM8iy_3vk

To read more about Felicia’s encounter with Humpback Whales and the journey to meeting her Guru, click on “THE STORY”!  
“I love her songs, excellent stage presence, crimson voice, engaging smile, she truly is a Rose!” 
Jimmy Johnson – Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section/ Music Producer